Our Winners

Best Big DogSnowyPhoto by Monica M. (Queens)
Best Little DogBonniePhoto by L H. (Queens)
Best Groomed DogLunaPhoto by Harriet N. (Queens)
Most Adorable PuppyCharlesPhoto by Angela R. (Queens)
Cutest KittenKikiPhoto by Maureen R. (Queens)
Prettiest Cat Eyes & FaceFluffyPhoto by Petrina C. (Bronx)
Furriest or Fluffiest CatFrankPhoto by Teresa B. (Queens)
Funniest ("Derpiest") CatBearPhoto by Kayla S. (Brooklyn)

Check out all of the finalists!

Furriest or Fluffiest CatMilliePhoto by Kathleen D. (Queens)
Funniest ("Derpiest") CatKikiPhoto by Maureen R. (Queens)
Furriest or Fluffiest CatLorenzoPhoto by Mart D. (Brooklyn)
Cutest KittenSweatPeaPhoto by Edyta K. (Queens)
Funniest ("Derpiest") CatMiraclePhoto by cidonia B. (Queens)
Furriest or Fluffiest CatTuckerPhoto by Mary Beth L. (Long Island)
Funniest ("Derpiest") CatPeppaPhoto by Amy K. (Westchester County)
Most Adorable PuppyJaxPhoto by Libby K. (Long Island)
Best Big DogRangerPhoto by Michael B. (Brooklyn)
Best Groomed DogJoliePhoto by Wendy P. (Manhattan)
Best Groomed DogPeppermint PattyPhoto by Gwendolyn G. (Brooklyn)
Best Little DogPeppermint PattyPhoto by Gwendolyn G. (Brooklyn)
Prettiest Cat Eyes & FaceHoneyPhoto by Mitchell B. (Brooklyn)
Prettiest Cat Eyes & FaceYorkPhoto by Rikki W. (Manhattan)
Prettiest Cat Eyes & FaceBlacknosePhoto by Vianna R. (Bronx)